Good morning.

This is the first morning of my latest cycle of being fully aware of how far I’ve let myself slide. The last time I was here was in January of last year.

Obviously that last push toward healthiness didn’t take. That’s why I’m doing this journal: I hope that, in exposing my process to scrutiny, I will reify it. I hope that introducing a new variable will balance the equation.

In any event, it is a good morning. The birds were full-throated. The lilac and azalea blossoms waxed as the forsythia waned. Delicate yellow-green leaves unfurled as squirrels co-opted some of them for their nests.

After I got back I got on the scale for the first time in weeks. I weigh 251 pounds. So it’s not quite as bad as I thought; I’m still a few pounds shy of my highest weight of the last nine years.

So I had my standard healthy breakfast sandwich:

One egg cooked in a small amount of olive oil
One small slice of cheddar cheese
One slice of dry whole-wheat toast

Now I am on my way to work. I will eat no pastry today.


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