Day Three

Oi. I need to remember to hydrate a lot. I remembered to drink water this morning, but tonight it became obvious that I didn’t drink nearly enough later in the day. After my exercises I walked over to Stop & Shop for groceries, and about the time I got there I had an attack of the crotcheties. As soon as I got home I chugged a pint of water. Now I’m working on my third.

I’m going to be on an emotional roller-coaster for the next three weeks regardless of what I do. I know this from past experience. I just need to ride that roller-coaster and come out the other side. But remembering to do the necessary things, such as drinking enough water, will help a lot.

So. I had a lovely walk this morning, counted my blessings in this morning’s post, ate very sensibly all day, and in the evening did a full calisthenics routine and a full thirty minutes of shadow-boxing! Yeah! Take that, fat reserves!

I’m going to hit the shower and then read my comic book in bed. G’night.


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