The pizza from Caruso’s that I’m not eating

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The Caruso’s on Fulton just east of Broadway is my favorite place in the city to get pizza. Their plain slice is excellent, and I’m very fond of their “Chicago slice”, which is nothing at all like a Chicago slice but is in fact a wedge-shaped Sicilian slice.

I have a ritual of going to Chameleon Comics, picking up the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man or Buffy Season 8 or somesuch, and going over to Caruso’s for a plain slice, a “Chicago slice” and a large orange soda.

But today I got a comic book, got nothing but pictures at Caruso’s, and went back to the cafeteria in my building for a salad. I’m about to have a Minneola for dessert.

I can taste the pizza now. But I can also remember how good it felt to have a firm, lean body. I want that more than the pizza.


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