At about 6:15 this morning I weighed myself and I could have sworn that the scales said 249-250. I remember at the time thinking “245!…oh…no… that’s the 250 mark…” So either I did a double-fakeout on myself and it actually said 245, or it actually said 250.

Just now I got on the scale again. About six times. Because I couldn’t believe my eyes. Granted, I spent over four hours hiking vigorously, with small spurts of jogging up the hills. Granted, I segued directly into a full calisthenics routine and then 25 minutes of shadow-boxing when I got home. But I didn’t pee at all during my hike, and I drank a pint of water and half a thermos full of tea this morning. And I only peed a little when I got home.

Did I lose six or seven pounds of water through evaporated sweat between 6:50 AM and 12:40 PM???

Oh, I almost forgot…

WOO HOO!!! I didn’t just reach my first benchmark, I shot right by it! I’m gonna have me some BEER!!!


4 Responses to “243”

  1. Tahlib Says:

    Hilarious! lol

  2. musicfanmic Says:

    Congratulations, my friend. About your not peeing during the hike was due something I inquired about to a friend. We were discussing the Vuelta Espana cycling races and I was perplexed about why those guys never went to pee during their long trek. She said because of sweating the body has dumped all of the fluid needed to expend. I’m sure you knew this and was just amazed that your recent weight loss should have been easier to track through an itemized list of regularities. Again, congratulations.

    • theoneifeed Says:

      Actually I’ve thought very little about it. The only time I ever gave it much thought was in 2004 when Grace and I moved from Brooklyn to Millburn, NJ. It was a swelteringly hot day in August, and I did the vast majority of the heavy lifting and carrying. And we were moving from a third-floor *to* a third-floor, neither of which had elevators. I started at around 6:30 in the morning and got done sometime around 4:00 in the afternoon, stopping only to drive the van and eat. I distinctly remember drinking at least three gallons of water that day, and only peeing about a pint. Clearly the rest left my body as sweat, although that didn’t surprise me too much. What happened on Saturday – if it was not, in fact, a brain fart – surprises me a lot more, because I didn’t get soaked with sweat that day. So if I lost seven pounds to sweat in under six hours, then over six pounds of it evaporated.

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