The Zaro’s Raspberry Hamantash that I’m not eating

Sometime last year I got around to trying a hamantash from Zaro’s. I must have been desperate because until then I had assumed that Zaro’s couldn’t be any good. After all, it was a big chain with stores in Grand Central and Penn Station, and such a large-scale operation will never make a product that can hold a candle to those from a small mom-and-pop artisanal producer.

Well, I couldn’t believe how wrong I’d been. As it turns out, Zaro’s is the Samuel Adams of New York bakeries: excellent despite its size. That first hamantash was among the best I’ve ever had, and the quality has been consistent in all those I’ve had since.

I’m proud of myself. Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed how easy it would be to walk up to the counter at Zaro’s and not buy a raspberry hamantash. I know that there are folks out there reading this, and that helps to steady me.


3 Responses to “The Zaro’s Raspberry Hamantash that I’m not eating”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Sometimes I’m glad we moved from NYC. Upstate food is much easier to resist.

  2. theoneifeed Says:

    I’m such a food hound that I doubt there’s any upstate New York town that wouldn’t hold some food on which I’d want to binge. Let’s see, New Paltz has great beer at Gilded Otter, and the best butter rum muffins I’ve ever had at the bakery in the Stop & Shop, of all places. Syracuse has Dinosaur Barbecue and Middle Ages Brewing Company and these unimaginably hedonistic bear claws at Provisions bakery and sooooo many other delights. Best darned family-owned restaurant I’ve ever been to? A little place in Rome, New York called the Franklin House — it looks like *nothing* from outside. Excellent homemade ice cream in Kingston and Rye and Sylvan Beach and Syracuse. Beer and barbecue and steak fries with chili in Lake Placid. Best fried-cakes EVER, and really amazing raspberry jelly filled things they call “pillow cookies” in Mary’s Bakery in Inlet. Amazing chocolate chip cookies at the general store in Raquette Lake. Excellent Pizza in Oneida and Sherrill. Best Belgian waffles ever at the Belgian beer fests at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown. Beer in Glens Falls and Albany. Johnny’s Hot Truck and Rogan’s pizza in Ithaca. Ohhhh, I could go on all night…

  3. Naomi Says:

    True– there is (or was) The Penguin in Sidney Center (which isn’t the center of anything), over 50 flavors of custom-made soft ice cream. And there was a pizza joint in Deposit with almost-Brooklyn quality pies. My son’s going to Cornell in the fall– I’ve heard good things about Ithaca.

    Rensselaer County, though– slim pickings. Had my friends’ wonderful venison kielbasa last year– he hunts it, she cooks it.

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