Steak and Green Beans a la Hugh

Steak and Green Beans a la Hugh

I enjoyed the venison steak that Grace prepared the other night enough to want to try cooking up a beef steak using the same marinade and spices. So last night I got a shoulder steak at Stop & Shop.

Tonight I sliced it up and tossed it into a saucepan. There wasn’t much ginger lime marinade left in the bottle so I supplemented it with a little barbecue sauce from Dinosaur Barbecue. So it was a modified version of the fixings Grace used the other night.

Penzey's Vindaloo Seasoning, Pakistani Garam Masala Curry, and Ginger People Ginger Lime Marinade

It. Was. AWESOME. I’ve never just thrown in a bunch of stuff with no sense of whether I was using the right amount, and had it come out so delicious. Mmmmmm.

And it was darned healthy. Yeah!


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