Steak, Green Beans, and a Sweet Potato

Baked Sweet Potato

Today I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level and temperament. Several possible factors could have contributed to this: my emotional high over the new issue of Iron Man; my body getting used to the changes; my remembering to drink plenty of water this afternoon; and the steak I had last night.

In case the steak was the operative factor, and since it was so damned tasty, I decided on a repeat performance. I also decided to supplement it with some yummy baked sweet potato.

When I got home I threw the above sweet potato in the oven and set it to 400°. When I came back from my exercises about an hour and a half later, the apartment smelled heavenly. I poked it with a fork to confirm that it was done through, took it out of the oven, slitted it, and waited for it to cool. Grace took half and I took half.

And that is the extent of the prep work for the sweet potato! Bon appetit!

Before I left work I took a look at the nutritional information for sweet potatoes at Nutrition Facts. That’s why I decided to have only half of one: I figured that one of the big roots that I picked out at Stop & Shop must contain about two one-cup servings, and my body does not need 360 calories, 26 grams of sugar and 82 grams of carbs!

But now I’m confused. Because the one-cup serving equates to 200 grams, but if you switch the serving size to “one large” it says 180 grams! Either I’m drastically overestimating the volume of a sweet potato or there’s an error in the Nutrition Facts database.

In any event, the sweet potato made a hearty, healthy and delicious companion to tonight’s steak and beans, which I prepared in the same mix of vindaloo and garam masala curry, but with barbecue sauce and salsa tequera in lieu of the ginger lime marinade. It came every so slightly too spicy for my tastes, but still well within the realm of savory and delicious.


4 Responses to “Steak, Green Beans, and a Sweet Potato”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Buy a digital kitchen scale. It makes the craziness of a ‘serving’ much easier to figure.
    Plus if you get seriously into baking, you’ll need one anyway.

  2. theoneifeed Says:

    Naomi: Thanks for the suggestion. Grace and I each had the thought of getting a scale recently; she’s going to get me one when she gets to Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Aside from ease of reading, is there a reason why you suggest a digital one? Do they have other features I don’t now about?

  3. Naomi Says:

    The one I have switches from oz/lb to g/kg, so I can follow non-USAian recipes without longing for death, and it gives me more accurate readings for small quantities.

    • theoneifeed Says:

      Cool! Thanks. I’m looking at them on Amazon now, and they’re cheaper than I expected. I just sent a WANTED message to my local Freecycle group, so if I’m in luck I won’t have to pay anything except gas money.

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