Three-Egg Omelet with Extra-Sharp Cheddar, Toasted Buttered Bagel, Pint of Milk, Butter Rum Muffin from Stop & Shop, and a Large Mug of Tea

I’ve been feeling very good this week, so I’ve been considering doubling up on my 12.5 mile hike just to really push myself and burn a lot of calories and keep my metabolism high for an entire day. During this morning’s hike I was feeling great, so…

Oh man this omelet is delicious! I love food! Foody, food, food. Here it goes, down into my belly…

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, this morning’s hike.

I was feeling good and had pretty much decided on taking a second lap around the Colonial Greenway. So I was thinking about the meal I would eat tonight…

Yes, folks. I spend a lot of mental energy planning — not to say fantasizing about — the food I’m going to eat. This is one of the many reasons why I always say that everything I’ve ever heard about alcoholism sounds perfectly familiar, because it’s how I am with food.

So I was thinking of getting some bacon at Stop & Shop and making a nice big cheddar cheese omelet with bacon on the side. Then it hit me: yeah, it would be nice to get both hikes done, take a shower, settle in, and then have my feast. But if I do that, most of it will still be in my belly during a low-metabolism period, so it will just turn into body fat.

If, on the other hand, I whip up that omelet and eat it in between hikes, I’ll burn most of it during the second hike. Sure, I won’t savor the enjoyment as much with my sweaty self gulping it down as I anxiously think about getting back to the trail. But I will gain the satisfaction of doing the metabolically sensible thing. And, not for nothin’, I never was one to shy away from wolfing down food.

I ate the omelet, bacon and buttered bagel as I typed. It was pure fatty heaven. Man I make a good omelet. I mean, not to brag or nothin’, it’s just the truth — I don’t claim to be a generally great cook, I’m just really good at omelets. You don’t believe me? C’mon over and I’ll whip one up.

But you’ll have to wait five or six hours, because now I have to do that second hike. I’m enjoying the butter rum muffin from Stop & Shop with tea now, and as soon as I finish I’m hitting the trail. See ya!


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