Toe Report

The 26 miles of hiking and jogging I did yesterday earned me a big blister on the piggy toe of my right foot. Squeezing it caused a lot of pain, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do my regular exercises today, much less go on another 12.5-mile hike. This morning I tried on my sneakers and knew that I couldn’t wear them on the walk that I was about to take with Grace, so I wore my sandals.

I caught up on some sleep this afternoon, and when I got up I was determined to get as much exercise as possible. So I followed Grace’s suggestion to cut a section out of the edge of my sneaker’s insole. This gave the toe a little more room, which turned out to help a lot.

I was surprised to find that I had almost no problems doing my regular calisthenics routine: two cycles of jump rope, bench dips, jumping jacks and pushups. Then I went right into my shadow-boxing-with-three-pound-hand-weights routine, and the toe was fine. However, I was still exhausted from yesterday so I pooped out after fifteen minutes rather than going the full thirty.

I’m very proud to be whipping my ass into shape. A two and a half mile walk this morning, along with a full calisthenics routine plus fifteen minutes of shadow-boxing tonight, is not too shabby considering yesterday’s extreme exertions.


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