Eric’s popcorn that I’m not eating

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Here’s Eric with his big tub of popcorn and me with my Minneola and issue #35 of Buffy Season 8. I weathered the olfactory assault when I first walked into the Zeigfeld a few minutes ago, but that was something I could walk away from. I have to sit right next to Eric’s tub for the duration. It was kind of him to say “You can’t have any” because he knew I was dieting, but I’m in a place right now where it’s not about whether he lets me — it’s about my willpower. And I am not having any popcorn tonight regardless of what Eric says.

And hey, Minneolas smell AWESOME.


2 Responses to “Eric’s popcorn that I’m not eating”

  1. Naomi Says:

    So haw was the movie? My guys want to see it, and I could be persuaded to sit through a couple hours of Downey doing his very best Giant Ham.

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