Day Nineteen

Even though I sacrificed a morning walk in Prospect Park for sleep, I still got only about four hours. I got up at 7:45, which left me just enough time to shower, walk from Eric’s apartment to the Q train, transfer to a 4/5 at Atlantic, get out at Bowling Green, walk two blocks east, and arrive at work 15 minutes early. Wow, it’s amazing how a maneuver that complicated becomes second nature.

It was a good thing that things are unbelievably busy at work, because otherwise I might have been falling asleep in my chair. As it was, the only noticeable manifestation of my lack of sleep was that my stair-climbing seemed a lot harder. I was so busy that I only got in 400 today, which was a few hundred less than what I’d wanted to do.

I ate very sparsely throughout the day: one egg and 1/2 oz. of Muenster in half a whole wheat soy pita for breakfast, Zone Bar, tea and 3 prunes at 10:00, half a pita with hommus at 1:00, a small handful of nuts and raisins at 4:00, and a Minneola and a banana in there somewhere. Then I had an entirely reasonable meal at Awash: not excessive, and not bird-sized.

The only thing that bugs me about today is that I didn’t have the chance to get much exercise. It’s too late now to do calisthenics, so I’m going to get up at 5 and do as much hiking as possible before heading into town with Grace for more fun with her parents.

Good night.


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