Up and at ‘em, Chapter 6 – In which the cryptic reference to befuddlement is explained

Wow. Metabefuddlement.

So what I forgot to include in the previous post was that I got up at 5:00, very efficiently lit a flame under the kettle of water I had very efficiently filled last night, got dressed, steeped my tea, prepared my backpack, and proceeded to have a crisis.

I have a second wallet for my work ID, monthy Metrocard, and very expensive monthly Metro North train ticket. I was sure I’d left it in my pack but it wasn’t there. I frantically searched the car which is unfortunately located five or ten minutes in the opposite direction of my walk. I gave up and sent Grace an e-mail asking her to call the Cloisters when she got up. Then I found the wallet right in the pocket that I thought I’d thoroughly checked in the first place.

So I was being very efficient and allowing myself plenty of time to get back and make the 11:29 train. But then I burned right through my margin by being confused. Now I have to really hustle on this hike which is good because I need the exercise.

…and now I’m blogging from the trail. If I get any less together and any more compulsive I’m going to become a marathon runner.


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