Inertia works both ways.

This morning I stepped on the scales and got some very good news: I had no weight spike from the weekend. I’m sure that all of my exercising accounted for much of it, but there’s another important factor in play.

A few weeks ago my body would have reacted differently to the same combination of eating and exercise; there’s no way that I would’ve avoided a weight spike entirely. The difference is that I’ve done a lot of hard work during the last three weeks. My body has changed.

I throw around the word “metabolism” a lot although I hardly have a clue how it works. I know very little about biology, but I sure do recognize a metabolic change when I see it happening in me. And in the last three weeks my body has clearly shifted into fat-burning mode.

I can’t overstate the value of this knowledge. Three weeks ago I was terrified of how far I had to go. All I could think of was how long it would take and what would happen if my strength faltered just once. What I couldn’t see was that I wouldn’t be in that body through the whole process, nor would I continue to feel how I felt.

Inertia is resistance to acceleration. Acceleration is change in speed. Now that I’ve devoted massive amounts of energy to getting myself moving, it’s easier to keep moving. Inertia is on my side now!

How I feel right now is not how I always have to feel. Change looks an order of magnitude more overwhelming before it’s begun. Once I’m in motion, continued motion seems not only possible but likely. This is important. I have to remember this.


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