Textbook pathology

Leftover pizza from Adrienne's that I wanted to grab

Leftover pizza from Adrienne's that I wanted to grab

Adrienne’s is an amazing pizza place that’s right in the middle of the gauntlet that I have to run to get back and forth from work to the Wi-Fi hotspot down the street. Today, as I was passing Adrienne’s, I saw this leftover pizza on the lower shelf of the dolly used for transfers from the waitstaff to the busboys. I grabbed this shot before it was whisked away so that I could document the freakish stuff that happens in me when I see food.

I observed the following urges well up in me: “It’s untouched! It’ll just go to waste! It’s perfectly fine! Mmmmm, it looks so GOOD!…” I wonder how you will react to hear that there was a part of me that wanted very badly to grab it. Hell, it sounds crazy even to me. It’s freakish to feel these compulsions, so much stronger at times like this when I’m committed to a very sparse diet.

Even if I had been sure that no one would see me, I wouldn’t have actually grabbed it. I’m not quite that compulsive, nor quite that uncouth. And anyway, I’m not having pizza today because it’s not my eat-what-I-want day. But if I had a guarantee that no one would see me and that no one had spit on the pizza, and if I wasn’t on a diet… man, it would’ve been close.

So. Am I crazy or what? Out of curiosity, how many of you would have the same compulsion?


2 Responses to “Textbook pathology”

  1. Morgan Says:

    yeah so its kind of late but i’ve been reading the entries i missed. i get that every once in a while..just like out of nowhere and then i’m like…where the hell did that come from? hah i thought i was the only one

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