I did it.

This morning I was feeling very good; I felt no significant tiredness or soreness in my arms or shoulders from last night’s intense shadow-boxing routine, and my energy was still quite high. I also considered my plan to tailor the week’s exercise to make tomorrow night a natural rest time, since I’m going to a tea event after work. Both factors made me want to push myself hard enough to test my limits tonight, and given the two restful nights I just had, I knew that there would never be a better time. So I started psyching myself up to try for a second consecutive night of shadow-boxing.

I’m getting strong, but my body is still ponderous enough to make workouts feel arduous. The upshot of this is that I constantly surprise myself by seeing a routine through to the end. Tonight I spent the entire calisthenics routine not knowing if I was even going to attempt the shadow-boxing, but my inner go-get-’em voice kept saying that I could, so I should. I listened.

Once I squeezed out that last pushup I headed straight over to the playground, hung up my target sweatshirt, and went at it. Again, I wasn’t sure that I would finish the whole 30 minutes until I’d done about 25. But I did great, considering that this was the first time I’ve done intense half-hour routines on two consecutive nights. I was a bit slower tonight, and my bursts of punching didn’t last quite as long, but man my wind was up! I kept coming back for more, even more quickly than I did last night. I did a total of nineteen bursts, and felt quite good at the end.

I can feel the workout in my biceps, triceps, shoulders and rhomboids. It’s not an ache, but more of a good-and-worn-out feeling. It feels glorious. Every time I don’t know if I can do something, and I go ahead and push through and do it, it makes me stronger.



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