Good morning. I’m happy to have gotten slightly lighter since yesterday. Also on my list of happy-making items: last night I felt only slight tiredness and no discomfort in my arms after the two previous nights of intense shadow-boxing with three-pound hand weights; last night I noticed a distinct enargement of my biceps and those little shoulder muscles by the collar bone that I don’t know the name of; and this morning I wore a belt on my walk because the pants that were very tight on me a month ago were falling off me yesterday.

Happy Friday!


4 Responses to “236”

  1. musicfanmic Says:


  2. Ranta Says:

    Huzzah for you! I envy your discipline and fortitude. Keep at it, dear chum. Just a little bit each day means big, sticky, significant long-term changes. You’re absolutely on your way.

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