I got my star.

A heart for exercising twice, a star for not drinking, and a smiley for eating right

A heart for exercising twice, a star for not drinking, and a smiley for eating right

Wow. I was absolutely miserable tonight.

It was raining and windy and cold during my commute, and I only had a poncho with me, so I was soaked from the thighs down by the time I got home. Doing my exercises in my usual spot, the dirt patch in front of my apartment building, was out of the question; I would have churned it into a mud pit before I was done with the first set of jump ropes.

I went roaming in search of a good spot, through the little playground on the near side of the school and eventually to the athletic fields on the far side. Nothing was satisfactory: it was either wood chips, on which the jump rope would snag; or too muddy; or too grassy; or too sandy. I eventually settled on the tennis court, figuring that the clay at least had more give than asphalt.

I started my exercises and I felt like I had lead weights strapped to me. I was cold and wet and miserable and so angry about the weather that I felt like throwing a tantrum. The weather usually doesn’t affect my mood much, so this is a strong indicator that I’m still exhausted from the weekend. I need to catch up on sleep.

But I kept doing my exercises. And the only thing — the only thing — that kept me from going home and sulking my way to bed, was an angry mantra:

I want my star!

My calendar for the last few days was looking kind of sparse because I hadn’t had the opportunity to do the kind of strenuous exercises that warrant that proud red heart sticker. I wanted that sticker tonight. And by gosh, I got it.

I got my star.


2 Responses to “I got my star.”

  1. Ranta Says:

    You’re fantastic. I’m sorry you had to suffer the crappy weather and its assaults on your workout routine. But still, more Eccleston, less Cartman than before. And a big, shiny star to show for it.

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