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Today is my first day working at 30 Hudson in Jersey City. I’m very dejected about the commute. However, one small ray of sunshine penetrated my clouds this morning. I was walking around the new building and I couldn’t help but see my reflection in the multitude of reflective surfaces. And I realized that my reflection no longer disgusted me so much that I averted my gaze, as I did when I came here for a meeting a month or two ago.

I’ve lost about eighteen pounds in the last five weeks, burning fat and gaining muscle. Now when I see myself in the mirror I see a guy who could stand to lose some weight, but who isn’t bad-looking. That’s a far cry from unalloyed disgust. I’ve come a long way, and the pride I feel at that is one of the few positive aspects of this day.

If I keep going anywhere near like I’ve been, in another month or two I’ll be proud of my appearance, as opposed to just not disgusted. Something to fight for.


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