Triumph at Excellent Dumpling

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It makes me happy that Grace and I have infected Morgan with our love of Excellent Dumpling. She liked the idea of going there for lunch, so we hopped a downtown 6 train from Grand Central and emerged on Canal Street about a hundred feet from the restaurant.

I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around this concept, but when I walked into Excellent Dumpling I did not order scallion pancakes. When I say these words, part of me is like Nomad, the space probe that self-destructed when Captain Kirk presented it with logical contradictions in its own nature. “I went to Excellent Dumpling. I did not eat scallion pancakes. ER-ROR! ER-ROR!”

But there it is: I didn’t order scallion pancakes. Instead I went straight to the healthiest satisfying choice I know of on Excellent Dumpling’s menu: the steamed chicken and broccoli. They brought me garlic sauce on the side, and I limited myself to a modest drizzle, but the meal was still delicious. My taste buds have been reset during the last five weeks! As the picture shows, I left at least three quarters of that bowl of garlic sauce on the table. YES!! I RULE!!!


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