Day Forty-Two

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I slept in today, did some house-cleaning, and went to northern Westchester with Grace. She had looked online at places to hike near her recording session, and she found Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. It turned out to be a stupendously good choice. We hiked for an hour or so before she had to leave, and then I had another three or four hours to myself before she returned.

I was tired and stiff from yesterday, so it was an effort to keep up a brisk pace. But I kept moving most of that time, and I still only explored a fraction of the trails. There are lots of stream crossings, endless stretches of forest and hills, and many enticing rock outcroppings to climb on.

Near Kimberly Bridge I found some amazing-looking tall old pine trees. I say “amazing” in the context of my love of tree-climbing. It turned out to be one of the best climbing trees I’ve found: I made it right to the top. The pictures show the tree, and the view from it. It was great to switch things up and exercise different muscles for a while. Man, I wish I could climb this beauty every day.

Grace and I picked up Khalil, the boy I mentor, at his home in the Bronx at about 7:30. He’s in our guest bed now, and tomorrow I’m taking him hiking in Ward Pound! Good night.


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