Day Forty-Eight

I got up after four hours of sleep, brewed a thermos of Scottish breakfast tea, loaded my pack, and hiked thirty miles in ten hours and thirty-seven minutes.

In the middle of the hike I grabbed two slices of acceptable pizza and a bottle of Pepsi at a gas station in Cazenovia. Other than that I had nothing but one Zone Bar, the tea, and a lot of water.

Until I got back to the homestead.

I had planned a cookout with my sister and her kids, so she was ready with the Hofmann franks and coneys along with those Friehoffer’s New England Style buns that I love so much. I was so busy inhaling four franks with the inevitable Pepsi that it never even occurred to me to take a picture of them.

After reading to my niece and being wowed by my nephew’s reading skill, they were on their way to bed and I was on my way to Zem’s in Canastota. Now a turtle sundae is in my belly and I’m in bed. Good night!


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