Day Fifty-Four

For the fourth day in a row I got up at 5:30 and went on a walk. Go me!

At work I continued to play my part of a valiant mouse, scampering about in the cogs of a vast and ever-ramifying machine. I’ve been struggling for months to make it crank out something useful, but now it’s gotten to the point where it’s taking nearly all my time to understand the newer gears, spot where they fail to engage with the old, and call those flaws to the attention of the other mice.

As I crossed the West Side Highway after work, a driver nearly ran down the woman ahead of me in the crosswalk, honking at her angrily. She had the right of way. I spent several minutes screaming at the top of my lungs at him to get out of the car and try it. He finally drove away.

I got home, and as we were preparing for our weekend camp getaway, our cat Jack mischievously jumped out the window during the two seconds when Grace was taking out the screen so that she could close the window. Then all hell broke loose as the door buzzer stared buzzing madly. I thought it was the outside door, so I tried in vain to answer the intercom. Grace got Jack inside and opened the dor, and there was the old neighbor lady yelling “You have to answer your door, you have to answer your door… Your cat scared my daughter…” On and on she went, as Grace was trying to get a word in edgewise that I was half naked and she had been a little busy GETTING THE CAT OFF THE FIRE ESCAPE! The whacky old biddy started in again about how we had to keep the cat inside and Grace finally lost it, yelling “You think I don’t KNOW that???” and slammed the door in her raving face. It was totally. Awesome. I can’t tell you how much it did my heart good for Grace to be the loud and angry one for a change.

So it’s a good thing that we got away to camp, huh? We left Larchmont around 9:00 and got to our camp near Eagle Bay at around 2:00. There will be no weigh-ins this weekend, but I’ll post updates when I have time and cell reception.

Oh by the way, I totally followed my diet. Go me!


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