Day Fifty-Eight

Again I didn’t sleep well. Again I didn’t get up for a walk. Going back to work was not a pleasing prospect. But back to work I went. This can’t last.

I was immensely productive at work, yet for all the gratitude it earned me I might as well have been twiddling my thumbs. In other words, it was par for the course of the last few months. This won’t last.

I forgot to eat my 4:00 meal because I was running to catch the ferry to the Manhattan office. Just to show you that I’m not the type to starve myself, I’d like to point out that this is very unusual for me. I’m not eating much these days, but I’m eating regular meals and getting proper nutrition. From now on I’m going to keep a Zone Bar in my bag at all times for ferry-grabbing situations. Anorexia ain’t me.

When I got home I did calisthenics. My reaction was the opposite of what it was a week or two ago, when I surprised myself at how much I could do despite feeling tired. This time I surprised myself with how *little* I could do. I’m exhausted — partially from the weekend, but I think mostly from frustration at work. This can’t last.

I was happy to get some work done on my Link Trail blog. The latest entry tells about the thirty-mile hike in much more detail. Once I post the videos from the following day’s hike with my niece and nephew, I’ll be caught up.

For dinner I had my standard egg fried in olive oil with a half ounce of cheese on one slice of dry whole wheat toast. Then I had a big helping of Haricots Verts green beans from Trader Joe’s. I even splurged and melted a mozzarella stick over it. Yummy vitamin A and protein!

I kept telling myself that I’d get to bed early, but that didn’t quite happen. Still, I left myself well over seven hours, which should have been plenty. Alas, as you’ll see from the next entry, it wasn’t quite enough given the circumstances.


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