OK, that’s just alarming. It just doesn’t seem right that I’m dropping so much weight so fast. I know that I’m capable of it, but in the past it’s only happened when I’m getting massive amounts of strenuous exercise in addition to the dieting. During the last few weeks I haven’t gotten much exercise, except on the weekends.

I’ve been under tremendous stress because of work. Could I be underestimating its possible effect on my weight? I’ve not read any studies on that. It seems like I’d be manifesting other symptoms such as severe insomnia and acid indigestion before reaching that stage, but I feel fine. Stressed out, but fine.

Another possible explanation is the psyllium husk. I take ony three teaspoons per day, which is the recommended maximum. And since I’m bigger than the average guy, I can’t imagine the recommended maximum dose of anything having that dramatic an effect on me.

And yet, I’m once again led to Occam’s razor. The psyllium is the only change in my intake that I can think of, and I’ve been thinking about this a lot. And the accelerated weight loss began soon after I started taking psyllium every day.

This morning Grace suggested that I reduce my psyllium intake to see if anything changes. I think I’ll go her one better: I’m going to stop taking psyllium entirely for a week or two. Using my body as a testing apparatus, I should be able to definitively establish the correlation, if one exists, between psyllium intake and unexpected weight loss.


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