Day Sixty

I got up and had the gratification of a lovely walk with my Honey. I stayed true to my diet throughout most of the day, despite being on tenterhooks after delivering my requirements to my Keane manager yesterday. I had no idea whether he had talked to my boss yet, so I spent the day trying to look calm while expecting my boss to come stalking up to me angrily at any moment. I wanted to be able to look him in the eye, smile, face down his pathological abusiveness and arrogance, and tell him that no, he will not get what he wants. He will have to react as he sees fit to what I need.

After work I zipped up to the AMC 25 to see “The A-Team” with Don, and then had the interesting psychological encounter with my adolescent self detailed in the previous thrilling post. Don and I got some delicious Mediterranean dips with pita at Kashkaval, grabbed a bottle of red wine, went up to the roof, and spent a few hours enjoying the food and drink, and each other’s company. It’s awesome talking food with Don. And tree-climbing. And “The A-Team” and “The Watchmen”. And beer.

I violated my diet by going beyond my usual very sparse portions, and by drinking about a half of a bottle of red wine. I didn’t fall off the wagon, though; I deliberately stepped down for a bit. After all the disturbingly fast weight loss of the last few weeks, I feel that it’s best to put on the brakes a bit.


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