Day Sixty-Two

Grace and I went to see our friend Fred in the final performance of “Fox Tales” at the Gene Frankel Theatre. It was a collection of three one-act plays, each one featuring a funny and touching encounter between two wildly different people. I like stories about people finding something in each other that they didn’t know they needed. I believe that serendipity can carry salvation, and that it’s our job to be open to it so that we recognize it when it comes along. The characters in the show mostly annoyed the hell out of each other, but also brought each other a measure of salvation.

After the show, Grace and I went with Fred to Swift, a bar and grill on East 4th Street that had a surprisingly good beer selection. I proceeded to fall off the diet wagon. I did not order any bar food, but I did have one of those encounters with beer in which each pint makes another pint seem like a Good Idea. I ended up drinking five, and then the bartender bought me one as I was getting the check. I gave most of that one away.

This was the most flagrant violation of my diet since I began this blog in April. I went to bed feeling very bad. But what matters is that today I’m back on the horse. I’m dusting myself off and getting on with it.


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