Eating whatever I want

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On the way back from the trial we stopped at the Amish store on Nelson Road and picked up some goodies. We sort of inhaled the chocolate toffee pretzels before I could get a picture, so I got one of the regular chocolate ones that my sister had at her place. The pickled baby beets were delicious, especially with the very salty chive cheese curds.

When we got to the homestead I threw some Hofmann franks and coneys on the grill for me, Grace, my sister and her kids. When I went to eat, though, I realized that I’d noshed too much. Nevertheless, I eventually put down four franks loaded with Howard’s Piccalilly.

I was so stuffed that I could barely move, but I wanted to get some more exercise to burn off some of that excessive intake. My sister supplied me with an excuse to indulge in heroically strenuous activity when she pointed out some stumps that she wanted removed. The first one snapped right off cleanly, disappointing me. The second was uncooperative enough for both of them. I exhausted myself just digging out around it, removing all the stones from the soil, and chopping away some of the root system with an axe. I walked away, drooping and spent. I’ll return another day to finish the score.

I took a nap to make up for the lack of sleep during the previous night. When I got up, Grace was preparing the strawberries from the Amish store to go into rhubarb pies. Then, hearing that Grace had not found any rhubarb, I went on a quest. I called around, eventually finding that the P&C in Sherrill had some.

I looked at the clock and found to my dismay that it was 9:15. P&C was closing at 10:00, which wasn’t a problem. But I also had my heart set on a turtle sundae from Zems in Canastota, and they’d be closing soon. So I zipped over to Zems, ate my sundae on the way to Sherrill (standard shift – kids, don’t try this at home), and bought out most of the rhubarb at P&C.

I dropped off the rhubarb and then Grace and I went to Pepi’s to pick up the pizza shown above. I was disappointed to find that now they close the game room at 11:00 on Saturday nights, so I couldn’t have my much-anticipated games of Ms. Pac Man while we waited for our order. Ah well. Next time.

We brought the pizza home and enjoyed it. By the time we were finishing up, though, it seemed too late to start pies. So we decided to make the strawberry-rhubarb pies the next morning.


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