Day Seventy-Two

I got up and took a walk for the second day in a row. I went to work and tried to care at all, and by those criteria I suppose that I succeeded. Helping my employer prepare to replace me has to rank right up there on the short list of tasks for which it is difficult to muster enthusiasm.

I followed my diet all day, choosing the healthiest vegetarian lunch I could find at the restaurant and opting for a small handful of peanuts and raisins at 4:00 instead of a second Zone Bar.

I’ve been despondent since I found out that the psyllium was helping me to lose weight. I’m pulling myself out of that by saying “Fine. I’ll prove that I could have lost the first forty pounds without the psyllium by losing the final thirty-five pounds without it.” I’ve resolved to start getting the fiber by eating lots of vegetables and fruit.

I looked at the psyllium container to see how much fiber was in a serving so that I could figure out how much vegetables and fruit I need to eat to replace it. I never got past the dosage, which was quite a shock: the maximum recommended daily amount is three tablespoons. I was taking three teaspoons.

After talking to Grace, I think that I wasn’t just imagining things: the store-brand psyllium that we got before was more concentrated, hence the dosage was three teaspoons per day. When we got the new stuff, I assumed that the concentration was the same.

I’ve been keeping the last of the old concentrated stuff in a bag at work and taking that as my second of three doses. So I was actually taking less than half of the maximum daily dose on weekdays, and one third or less on weekends. This makes me feel better, because it doesn’t seem like such a small dose could have contributed significantly to the weight loss. It may have helped, but I did most of the work.

I was so tired when I got home that I failed to push through it and do calisthenics. Instead I went straight to bed and slept for over ten hours. Cripes, this sleepiness reminds me of the last few weeks of my senior year in college. Imminent lifestyle changes are stressful.


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