The donuts and cookies from Mary’s and Raquette Lake General Store that I’m eating

From Hugh and Grace Kayaking from Blue Mountain Lake to the Marion River and Back – July 4, 2010

I was a bit hung over from last night’s wine, so I didn’t get up and get breakfast started quite as early as I would have liked. But Grace was exhausted from yesterday’s hike anyway, so giving her some extra sleep was a good idea. I made a quick breakfast using the electric skillet. It’s heresy not to cook over the camp fire, I know, but we had a full day planned, so we needed to get on the road as soon as possible.

We pulled up to Mary’s in Inlet at a bit before 9:00. There was a long line out the door. As we slowly passed through the door, my heart sank: there was one cinnamon doughnut left, and I knew that the chances of me getting it were nearly nonexistent. Sure enough, someone else bought it. ARGH!!!

I’m quite sure someone else wanted to scream at us in turn, because we bought the last two chocolate-frosted doughnuts and the last chocolate eclair. Instead of the heavenly cinnamon doughnuts, I got two glazed doughnuts. They turned out to be quite excellent.

We continued to Raquette Lake, parking along the lake in front of the general store. Again I nearly trembled with anticipation: would they have the fabled cinnamon donuts imported from Mary’s? No! Damn it!! Ah, but they did have the amazing chocolate chip cookies that I pine for during those long, cold eight and a half months between Labor Day and Memorial Day when the store is closed. I bought four of the monstrous, crispy/gooey puddles of heaven. And a quart of milk.

Grace and I walked out onto the dock and sat down with our hoard. As we munched, we looked out on what we intended to enjoy from behind a paddle later that day: water, sky, and the interface between them. I knew that I’d be expending a tremendous amount of energy later, so I was quite sanguine about loading up my belly with fatty, sugary fuel.


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