Day Seventy-Seven

After all the sun and exercise on Sunday, we slept until about 10:30. I got up and duly returned to diet mode, having just a sparse egg sandwich for breakfast. We packed up, closed up the camp, and hit the road sometime after noon.

The ride home was great relative to a return to the New York City area at the end of July 4th weekend, but of course it took longer than usual. I did a good job of sticking to my diet, eating just two Zone Bars, some pita and hummus, and a bunch of broccoli with tzatziki. Actually, I need to figure out how many calories and etc. are in tzatziki, because for all I know slathering my raw broccoli in the stuff may nullify some of the broccoli’s health benefits.

When we got home I was unloading the cooler, and I found some leftover egg, cheese and sausage scramble with a bit of toast that we’d had refrigerated since Saturday. It was a modest helping and seemed a reasonable dinner.

The problem with days like this is that, although the type and amount of food I eat seems reasonable, I’m in the car for most of it. I got almost no exercise, so I’m sure that I was calorically in the red.


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