Day Seventy-Eight

I did not get up early for a walk — not surprising after a three-day weekend packed with sun, strenuous exercise, and driving.

I got some disappointing news from the scales, although considering that my eat-whatever-I-want day was on Sunday rather than Saturday, I think that by the end of this week my weight will be lower than last week.

I was more productive at work than I have been. I’m settling into the idea of doing what I can to make my exit as graceful as possible, and not sweating what doesn’t get done. After all, the whole reason why I said “Enough” was that there’s more work than three of me could do, while the powers that be embrace the delusion that it’s not getting done because I’m incompetent. Why on earth should I put myself through one more moment of anxiety?

After work I took a two-hour walk along the west side and then eastward to meet Grace. The city felt like an oven. I bought an apple and an orange from a deli to stave off dangerous munchies later on.

I followed my diet very well all day: an egg sandwich at 7:00, Zone Bar at 10:00, pita and hummus at 1:00, a small handful of peanuts and raisins at 4:00, and another Zone Bar while I was out and about at 7:00. So although I didn’t get as much exercise as I would have liked, it was still a successful day.


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