Day Eighty-One

I got up and went shopping for healthy food for the trip to camp: eggs, hummus, carrots, broccoli, apples, oranges, milk. Ice for the cooler.

We hit the road at about 9:30. We stopped for camping equipment in Newburgh and got to Blue Mountain Lake a little after 3:00. During that time I ate just a Zone Bar, some Mediterranean flat bread with hummus, and a good helping of carrots with tzatziki. I’m sort of amazed at how few calories and fat tzatziki has.

We started climbing Blue Mountain at 3:15 and made it to the top at 4:50. I can’t remember having such a hard time with Blue as I had today. Sure, I did a small amount of it twice as I “ran circles around” Grace in order to get an extra workout. But still, it was disheartening to feel how out of shape I still am. By the time we reached the top I was feeling slightly dizzy and nauseated.

I laid down for a few minutes and felt better. Then I climbed the fire tower and found out one reason why I had such a hard time: I’ve never seen the air around Blue so obscured by water vapor. It was not only very hot, but horrifically humid.

While on the peak I ate two Zone Bars: nothing compared to the calories I burned. We descended back to the car and drove back to camp. On the way I passed no fewer than three pizza places and three ice cream places. I didn’t stop.

At camp I made us each an egg sandwich in the electric griddle. I also burned my hand on said griddle. Ouch. Kayaking is going to be really fun tomorrow. I need to grip the paddle right where the burn is. I’m going to have to get really good at padding the burn. Thankfully I have Grace to help me.

After the egg sandwich and the burned hand drama, I steamed a big helping of broccoli and split it with Grace. Yes, gone are the days that I would spend at camp with never the thought of fiber entering my mind.

Tomorrow’s a big day. We need to get a good night’s sleep. Good night!


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