Geary’s HSA

Geary's HSA

Geary's HSA

I just enjoyed two bottle of Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale. I saw it at a Mobil station just north of Portland, and I couldn’t resist. I mean, this stuff is sort of a legend among beer geeks in the northeast. Geary’s makes some extraordinarily malty beers, and does it well. HSA is a wonderfully distinctive concoction that takes the palate on a whirlwind tour through oceans of malt, fields of hop trellises, and kitchens full of caramelized sugar.

I’m on vacation. I’m afraid that I’m falling from grace a bit.


2 Responses to “Geary’s HSA”

  1. dan Says:

    ‘falling from grace’…that’s a good pun! 😉

    you can choose to think that you and grace are literally increasing your gravitational pulls—literally, your attraction to each other…

    uh, why aren’t you a food critic yet, you gourmand, you? you can learn to spit, just like a wine taster…


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