Cadillac Mountain

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I have thousands of pictures from the vacation to sort through, including many from Acadia National Park. For now, here are the shots I took with my phone as I climbed Cadillac Mountain, the highest peakk in Acadia, on Friday.


2 Responses to “Cadillac Mountain”

  1. Gwyn Says:

    Oh pretty! And don’t worry about not liking lobster. It’s largely a butter-delivery system. Shrimp is where the yum is, now that the Maryland blue crab is an endangered species. The personal trainer at work suggests slow long pushups. Like ten seconds down and ten seconds up. I think that is outlawed by the Geneva Convention, but he insists.

    • theoneifeed Says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t help but look at the butter reservoir and think “Now if the lobster was actually good, would that be there?”

      Mainely Meats barbecue stands in counterpoint. I saw the people eating pulled pork sans barbecue sauce and said “What the hell? Where’s the sauce?” Then I saw the sauce squirter bottles on the table and relaxed: I’d be able to slather on my own. *Then* I took one bite of my pulled pork and realized why those folks were eating it with no sauce: it was the most delicious barbecue I’d ever tasted, and it didn’t *need* the sauce.

      About the pushups: I already do them quite deliberately, but nothing like that. I’ll try it.

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