Following my diet under difficult circumstances

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I’m proud to have followed my diet today while treating Khalil to the goodies due to a twelve-year-old boy who spent the day hiking. He loved the cheeseburgers and corn that I grilled last time, so that’s what I made for him today. I ate a pita with hummus instead. I joined Khalil in having lots of delicious watermelon for dessert, but that’s a negligible transgression, especially considering all the hiking I did today.

After the hike I took Khalil to Longford’s for ice cream. I didn’t have any. Now that was quite a feat! It helped to tell myself that tomorrow I’ll be having some Longford’s ice cream of my own during my eat-whatever-I-want day.

When we got back to my apartment, Khalil made himself an amazing omelet. It looked exactly like one I would make on a good day. I asked him if he’d made them with anyone else, and he said “No.” I taught him to do that! Yes!! I RULE!!! Oh, and I just had my regular egg and half ounce of cheese on a slice of dry white toast.


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