Day Ninety-Seven

I brought Khalil home at around 9:00, did some shopping, and had the glorious breakfast shown in the previous post. Then Grace and I drove to Ward Pound Ridge for a day of hiking.

The weather started out as hot as yestrday, so I put two gallons of water in my pack. This ensured that we wouldn’t run out, and that I would get a good workout.

First I took us to the overlook that gives a beautiful view westward from the southwest quadrant of the park. Then we descended south along the ridge, meandered west along cool web-draped cliff faces, and ascended the trail that runs north along the western base of the ridge. After some searching we found Leatherman’s Cave. It was quite spacious, given how well hidden it was from the trail. I need to do some research to see how it got its name.

We hiked south and east to Spy Rock, though we didn’t linger on the high ground because of the thunderstorm brewing. As the rain picked up, we found the new section of trail beyond: a wending through crags and then a breathtaking descent down a steep stone staircase to a pine-shrouded valley floor.

We climbed back up around the other side of Spy Rock, hiked back to the car, and had a glorious cookout: hot dogs, cheeseburgers, roasted corn, and watermelon. I had my traditional two cans of Pepsi, but didn’t have room for s’mores.

We drove from the park to Rye, where we met our friend Catalina for ice cream at Longford’s. I got a waffle cone with Moose Tracks and Chocolate Caramel Krackle. Yum!!!

I had a craving for something salty, so to cap off my eat-whatever-I-want day I got a bag of Smartfood: perhaps a bit excessive, but not excessivey excessive.


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