The delicious-looking crap that I’m not eating

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Party mix. Peanuts. Popcorn. M&Ms. All laid out on the tables at work with such profligate, unintended hurtfulness. I am not eating them.


2 Responses to “The delicious-looking crap that I’m not eating”

  1. tomatoejane Says:

    Are you seriously talking about losing a pound a day until Saturday?! Be careful. Don’t lose it too fast, it can cause health problems.

    • theoneifeed Says:

      I agree about not losing weight too fast — that’s why I was so concerned about the unprecedented ease and speed of my weight loss last month. Once I realized that the psylium was a prime factor, I stopped using it.

      Technically, yes, I am planning to lose one pound per day between now and Saturday. But much of that is the spike from Sunday. My net weight loss for the week will probably be around two pounds, which is well within the bounds of safety.

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