Day One Hundred One

Me on the train

Me on the train

I stayed up later than I’d intended last night, shooting the shit with Eric and Dan. So I slept in this morning, arriving at work late despite not getting up to exercise. Ah well. It was worth it for a long-overdue late-night gab session in Brooklyn. It felt like old times.

I was moderately productive at work, and afterward I went over to Whole Foods to grab a Zone Bar to eat at the movie. Again, two Zone Bars in one day ain’t the healthiest thing in the world, and the iced tea I bought to wash it down with had 250 empty calories, but it beats the hell out of whatever junk I’d otherwise get in Manhattan.

I’d arranged to meet Karen at the beer section of Whole Foods, so while I waited I drooled over the spectacular beer selection. My gosh, the beer I could buy at that place: lots of new saisons and Belgian IPAs and what not that I hadn’t seen before, along with my old favorites that I mentioned yesterday.

Karen arrived and we left the store without me buying any beer. We took a C up to 34th Street and saw “Predators”. I enjoyed it very much the second time, and Karen liked it. I failed to completely refuse Karen’s offer of popcorn, but I did limit myself to a few handfuls.

So, not a bad day, but between the lack of exercise, and the iced tea and popcorn, I may have only broken even. I predict that tomorrow morning my weight will have dropped only slightly from Wednesday morning’s reading of 212.5.

Good night.


2 Responses to “Day One Hundred One”

  1. kestrelhill Says:

    I like the beard. Is it a post-vacation growth, or a ‘Fuck you, I quit’ beard?

    In either case, it looks good on you!

    • theoneifeed Says:

      Thanks! You sure nailed the constituents. It’s about three parts post-vacation growth, one part loving the idea of looking like a scrappy redneck during my last days at Goldman Sachs.

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