Ahhhh, Wednesday.

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I’m about to head over to Chameleon Comics to get this week’s infusion of distraction from all I want to eat.

The concluding issue of “Iron Man Legacy” should be quite noisy. It’ll be fun to see how Tony deals with Doctor Doom’s latest shenanigans. I hope it’s not as goofy as the first four issues, but if it is… oh well. The art is gorgeous.

I wasn’t overwhelmed with the first issue of Avengers Prime, but it has plenty of potential. And even more so than “Iron Man Legacy”, this title is worth getting just for the art: I can’t pass up the opportunity to see the classic red and gold suit drawn by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

So, I’ll return home tonight with some garish popcorn to occupy my brain as I walk the straight and narrow dieting path to my eat-whatever-I-want day on Saturday. Hey, believe me, every little bit helps.


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