Suddenly, a wild ice cream social appeared!

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Holy crap. I just experienced the diet equivalent of having someone sneak up behind me and clout me in the temple with an axe handle, and managing to walk away unscathed.

I got an invitation for this month’s “First Friday” event at work, and then it was canceled. Then, this afternoon, a horde of co-workers from the Manhattan office showed up in the New Jersey office where I was sitting. As it turned out, I’d missed the re-invitation. As it turned out, I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL!!!

“Suddenly, a wild ice cream social appeared!”

“Obsessive blogging, I choose you!”

“It’s surprisingly effective!”

So I walked over to the gathering crowd, wove my way through to the tables, took my pictures… and walked away. The only shaky moment I had was when I was taking the shot of the lone container of chocolate / peanut butter. I saw the way it was melting and a voice arose, murmuring like a distant ancestor in the primordial swamps of my mind. I responded by giving it full voice in my head, lampooning it: “It’ll just go to WAAAASTE… I should… DISPOOOSE of it!”

Nah. I want to be skinny instead. And when I pop open that Bar Harbor Real Ale, whether it’s this weekend or not, it’ll be because I’ve earned it — because I’ve done the work.


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