Day One Hundred Twelve

I didn’t get up early for exercise — not surprising given the exhausting weekend I had. I was as productive as I could be at work, under the circumstances. I continue to be stunned at how stupidly the powers that be are squandering the grace period I’m giving them. It’s been six weeks since I gave them my conditions which, since my boss was unwilling to let me transfer to another department, amounted to a resignation. And yet they still haven’t gotten anyone in for me to train. I derive pleasure from watching my boss shoot himself in the foot, but most of what I feel is an exhausted numbness over attempting to give a shit about these final weeks of my job.

I followed a pattern that’s becoming all too familiar: when I got home, I didn’t have the energy to exercise. I’m trying to break through the exhaustion, because I know that on the other side lies a more energetic me who’s sleeping better for having fought through to a good tired. But I haven’t managed it yet.

Yet as I bemoan all I haven’t done, I owe it to myself to remember my success. Today marked one more day of sticking to my diet. I had a big green salad for lunch, plenty of fruit, and no transgressions. In the face of all my anxiety, that constitutes a big bold check in the “WIN” column.


One Response to “Day One Hundred Twelve”

  1. kestrelhill Says:

    Maybe it’s time to give them a cutoff date, or they’ll keep stringing you along. They tried that at my last job — less than a month after we got married, Bill took a job upstate. I gave 2 weeks notice and HR kept telling me they’d bring in a replacement for me to train — 2 weeks went by, then 3 — I finally went in and said “What part of ‘I’ve been married 2 months and I only see my husband on weekends’ don’t you get?” I told them Friday (4 days away) was my last day and training my replacement would be someone else’s problem, not mine.

    Good for you for sticking to healthy eating in spite of egregious aggravation!

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