The salad that I’m eating

Salad from cafeteria at work

Salad from cafeteria at work

I could’ve sworn that I left some pita and hummus in the fridge at work on Friday, but either I was mistaken or it got thrown out. When I discovered this, the battle lines formed in my head: part of me wanted to use the circumstance as an excuse to have a second Zone Bar for my 1:00 meal; and part of me knew there was no reason not to get a salad in the cafeteria.

That first voice was quite strong. It kept telling me that I should just reach into the drawer for a Zone Bar and enjoy it with my tea. But thankfully the rational part of me had an even more stubborn streak today. It refused to back down, and eventually won. I ended up with a surprisingly delicious and healthy meal: lots of spinach, heirloom tomatoes, a dash of walnuts and bleu cheese, caramelized onions, and green beans. Nutrition win!


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