Blind Tiger celebration tonight

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to celebrating at Blind Tiger tonight. See, I was planning to celebrate on Monday night by getting together with Eric to drink some of the beer I brought back from Maine. Then, on Monday morning, I got this e-mail. Avery is one of my favorite breweries. I worship The Czar, so it would be worth going just for that. But look at this beer lineup! Oh, be still my heart!

Dear Tigerites,

Look, I know, we’ve been doing a bunch of things (a ton of events, and the big Oil Spill Fundraiser). But it’s not easy being a Tigerite. It’s not all about “oh, its Wednesday and I guess I should hit the Tiger for an event”. “Oh, let us stop buy and have some super rare beers with free cheese”… But it’s not that simple – not that simple at all. There are things called dedication, loyalty, having a very lenient boss, sick days…these are the true tools of a Tigerite. You have to put your time in. You have to want it. And this is where we decide the Tigers from the house cats (or the other word you would call a house cat).

Are you ready? I said are you, ready? I can’t hear you! To tell the truth, I hope you are not actually screaming this at your computer because this is an e-mail and I really can’t hear you, you know? Come to think of it, I seriously hope you didn’t need this explanation to start with. You know, I just worry about you.

Anyway… This Wednesday August 11th @ 4:00PM, I am finally doing an Avery Event (it’s been a few years). Now don’t get you hopes up, it’s just a light little event, nothing too strong. But just take a look at the list and think about maybe stopping by…okay?

Here is the list:
Avery Joe Pilsner (Imp. Pils Unkown)
Avery Ellies Brown (American Brown 5.8% ABV)
Avery ESB (last keg 5.13%)
Avery IPA (IPA 6.6% ABV)
Avery White Rascal (Belgian White 5.6% ABV)
Avery Karma (Belgian Pale 5.2% ABV)
Avery Salvation (Bel Strong 9.0% ABV)
Avery Collaboration (Strong Ale 8.7% ABV)
Avery Reverend (Quad 10.0%)
Avery Czar (Imp. Stout 11.3% ABV)
Avery Hog Heaven (Barley-wine 9.2% ABV)
Avery duganA (IPA 8.5% ABV)
Avery Maharaja ’08 (Imp. IPA 9.8% ABV)
Avery 15th Anniversary (American Wild 7.65% ABV) Avery 17th Anniversary (Double Dry Hopped BLack Lager 8.6% ABV) Avery Samaels (Oak English Barley 16.45% ABV)
Avery Beast (Grand Cru 14.0% ABV)
Avery Mephistopheles (Oak Imp Stout 15% ABV)
Yeah… With just a light easy drinking session beer event like this – you could last like 24 minutes or so… I would go with starting early and leaving early…. Or sick day for Thursday. I mean, how many Avery Events do I do?

The Devil

This message was sent by: Blind Tiger, 281 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10014


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