Day One Hundred Fifteen

Oh boy did I not get up at 5:30. I barely managed to get up around 7:00, hung over as I was from the previous night’s celebration. But I did manage to get the 8:00 train, and to put in a reasonably productive day at work. It was good that I had so many people coming to me with fires to put out, because it kept me distracted from how lousy I felt. Next time I want to sample a bunch of different beers at a Blind Tiger celebration, I’m ordering the little glasses instead of the pints.

My queasiness made me want to put a lot of hot, greasy food in my belly. But I didn’t. I didn’t even succumb to my desire to have a second Zone Bar for lunch. Instead, I dragged myself down to the cafeteria, past the french fries and onion rings, and to the salad bar.

I was scheduled to catsit for Don and Amy, and I knew I’d be better off cooking at their apartment than buying something fattening at Kashkaval. So after work I grabbed eggs, cheese and Mediterranean flat bread at Whole Foods. After a detour to Chameleon Comics, I headed uptown for my time with that little grey quadrupedal ingrate, Bert.

I allowed myself a two-egg sandwich on Mediterranean flat bread with marginally more cheese than my usual 1/2 ounce. This was preferable to exposing myself to the perils of Kashkaval.

I wasn’t quite up for any exercise so I just took it easy and got to bed early, intending to get up at 5:30 for a long walk allong the Hudson.


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