Day One Hundred Sixteen

I didn’t get up for a walk because of how poorly I slept at Don and Amy’s apartment. I hope that the fuzzy grey ravager of souls appreciates it. Yeah. Keep dreamin’.

I was quite busy at work because of another absurd fire that I had to fight. You know the kind — a broken application which, in breaking, reveals just how compartmentalized the organization has become. I spent an hour on Thursday and most of the work day on Friday just reaching out to various people in New York, Bangalore and Salt Lake City in order to get to the bottom of why some users weren’t getting e-mails from a certain vendor.

I had been on the verge of exploding at my micromanaging nitwit of a boss who, eight weeks after my effective resignation, still thinks it’s a Good Idea to pile new work on me rather than get someone in to train under me so that my ten years’ worth of expertise doesn’t go to waste. Then, in the afternoon, I did some research for the trip I’ll be taking to Maine for the two weeks ending on Columbus Day. Now I have a much sunnier outlook: I’m keeping that Maine trip in my sights, and now I know that I can make it through these final, farcical weeks at Goldman Sachs.

After work I went home and went on a hike in Saxon Woods with Grace, in which I took the opportunity to bound up and down all the boulders lining the trail. I’m more motivated to condition my body and lose as much weight as possible during the next five or six weeks, because not only do I want to hit Acadia with a lean, muscular body, but I also want to have a margin for weight gain in case the beer and barbecue win out over the hiking.

So I expect that today’s renewed focus will result in my having much fewer problems getting up early during the following weeks. Stay tuned.


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