Day One Hundred Nineteen

I didn’t get up at 5:30 for exercise. This frustrates me. If I’d been able to sleep better, then it wouldn’t have mattered that I stayed up later than I should have. But it seems clear that I’m not going to sleep well until I get out of Goldman Sachs.

My mood soared when I stepped on the scales. Even then, with the weight spike from Saturday in full effect, I was under 210. Now… now I can see 200.

I was quite productive at work, for all the good it will do anyone. In the afternoon I got a startling bit of news: Joe, I guy I worked with for years, has quit. Joe’s responsibilities complemented and overlapped mine. Far from a replacement for me as he was, he was the closest thing to it. With Joe gone and me leaving in a few weeks, they are *so* screwed!

Grace had picked up a new jump rope over the weekend to replace the one I seem to have lost, so when I got home I made a point to do a calisthenics routine. I did about half of the routine I’d worked up to a month or so ago, which is disappointing but not too bad considering that I haven’t been doing them lately.

I ate very well through the day, again choosing a big green salad for lunch rather than a less healthy option. I even got to bed early, intending to get up at 5:00 for a good long morning walk.


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