The Indian snacks that I’m not eating

Indian snacks

Indian snacks

I walked into the New Jersey office this morning and, as usual, a new temptation awaited. At first glance, the bag on the left appears to contain almond cookies. But these are Indian snacks, so I’m not too surprised to find that they are mathri, or “spicy fried wheat flour snack”. I already knew at a glance that the one on the right is spicy.

Neither one of these bags has a snack tailored to my American taste buds. But taste is far from the whole picture, isn’t it? My pathology is about wanting to shovel food into my mouth. It it’s tasty, that’s great. But it’s more than enough for it to be even vaguely interesting, and Indian snacks are nothing if not interesting.

So walking away from those shiny bags wasn’t the biggest challenge of my day, but it counts as one in a long chain of small victories.


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