New scales

208.8 according to the new scales

208.8 according to the new scales

Last night I got my new “EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale” from Amazon, and this morning I tried it out. My first reaction was pleasure: I’d thought that my old scale read around fourteen pounds lower that actual, but my weight according to the old one is only about two and a half pounds below the reading on the new one.

My second reaction was disappointment. I’d read reviews saying that the scale was extremely precise; you could drink six ounces of water and see that change consistently reflected. That didn’t happen for me. I got three readings of 208.8, drank about five ounces of water, got the same reading, drank another five ounces, and got the same reading again.

To complicate matters, I noticed that once I moved the scale from the kitchen tiles to the wooden living room floor, it recalibrated itself. So I tried moving it back into the kitchen to see what would happen. After it recalibrated, I got a reading of 209.2. By this time I’d eaten breakfast, so that was only somewhat reassuring: what I’d eaten had to total at least a pound.

So I’m going to keep playing with this new scale, taking my weight on both it and the old one each day. In a week or two I’ll decide whether I trust it.


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