Hike with Grace around the Colonial Greenway!

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Grace got up with me at 5:00 and we were out the door at 5:55! Grace has done an amazing job of conditioning during the last few months, and this was my first long walk with my new boots, so for most of the hike I was the limiting factor. I’m learning to walk with the radically different gait that the boots impose upon me, and with Grace’s help I’m learning to carry myself so that the pack doesn’t mess up my upper back.

The weather was perfect for a walk: the air was fresh and unseasonably cool, there was a light breeze, the sun was bright but not blinding, and the sky was a vibrant, cloud-ruffled blue. We got to see at least one bunny, lots of ducks, the swan family at Reservoir Number Three, a hawk, and late summer flowers such as jewelweed, loosestrife and goldenrod.

Now I’m home, and counting myself very lucky to have had my Honey with me on my hike. That’s the first time she’s done the whole Greenway, and she came through it like a champ. I’m also most pleased with the way my feet feel: I’m feeling none of the soreness and blistering in my toes that I’ve come to expect after a twelve-and-a-half mile hike. I still need to work on my gait in order to minimize the impact of each step, but it’s clear that these boots will be a good thing for my feet.


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