Day One Hundred Twenty-Five

Grace and I got up at 6:00, got to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation at 8:30, and hit the trail at 9:00. We hiked up and down rocky trails for five and a half hours. Just thinking about it makes me feel a wave of blessedness. I have a mate who partakes of my energies, and I of hers. I am a lucky man.

I had two Zone Bars during the hike, and a double egg sandwich when we got home a bit after 4:00. I made sure to eat plenty of vegetables before hitting the road, and during the drive to Oneida I had one more Zone Bar. The drive was hellish: it alternated between monsoon rain, heavy rain, and moderate rain. I got to Oneida at Midnight.

I pitched my little tent in the family backyard. Did I mention that the tent is little? Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s bloody tiny. I went to bed far from comfortable, but I took some comfort from knowing that I’d made it through the 48-hour deferment of my eat-whatever-I-want day. When I awoke, I’d be able to eat!


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